Why Melbourne is One of The Most Magical Cities to Live in


My love towards Melbourne is incredibly biased. I moved to the city October (2018) intending to stay a few weeks and ended up staying for five months. What drew me in was the prospect of good coffee, a beautiful skyline and seemingly endless parade of culture. What made me stay was different, although I still look up and smile every-time I take in that view. Therefore, here are five reasons why Melbourne is one of the most magical cities to live in.

Every Suburb is Completely Unique

From Fitzroy to Brunswick, Carlton and Collingwood, every suburb has its own personality and unique feel. Grab a pizza in Carlton with a good bottle of wine and scenic park view. Practice yoga and fashion in Fitzroy and head out on the town in Brunswick. You can explore the city every day and still find something new.

Music Surrounds you Daily

When I first moved to Melbourne, I didn’t think music would be one of the main influences of staying. From the train station underpass, to free concerts at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, music surrounds you wherever you go. Jazz bars, blues bars and everything in between, Melbourne truly is a city of music.

The Food Is Something Else

Although this is one of the main reasons I stayed, my bank balance, waist and tolerance for bad food did not benefit. Melbourne and food are a match made in heaven. No matter what time of the day, or what mood you’re in, there is something for everyone. Grab an artisan blueberry croissant down in Fitzroy. Feast on dumplings and noodles with your friends. With numerous food festivals and the Victoria Market on every Wednesday, you’ll be hard pressed to find something not to eat.

The Cities Welcoming Feel

In Melbourne, it is hard to feel lonely or insignificant. Whilst the bustle of some cities may be cold and confronting, the buzz of Melbourne is warm and inviting. Walk down any street in Melbourne and notice how people don’t avoid eye contact. People are warmer, happier and generally willing to help should you need it.

It’s Just Magic

There’s something about Melbourne which is magical. The sunset over Southbank when the sun hits the water perfectly. The busker who plays that perfect song when your belly is full of fresh china town bao. The skyline illuminating for the night when you’re with your friends and feeling infinite. No other word describes this city as well, It is just magic.

 It’s really a wonder why you would want to live anywhere else.