Red Square: You Moscow


Standing before the ultimate symbol of Russia, it’s easy to see why Moscow is the beating heart of this country. We took time wandering through the cobblestoned streets, taking in red square and the imposing walls of the kremlin. At end of the square stands Russia’s most iconic building; St. Basil’s. The tall towers and iconic, domes seemed almost childlike in amongst the square where so much of Russia’s complex history unfolded. Legend had it, Ivan the terrible was so moved when St. Basil’s was first created, he struck out and blinded the architect making sure it could never be replicated. Debatable maybe, there is no doubt that the square is Russia’s ‘historic soul’ with the past echoing on its red walls.

For many Muscovites, Russia’s Red Square personifies both power and beauty. Even the name of the square originates from the word Krasnaya, meaning beautiful as well as red. Spend an afternoon among the crowds and you will marvel at the surrounding heritage sites. From the granite mausoleum to the Historic State Museum, you only have to turn to appreciate Moscow’s most beloved site. For those who are looking for something more modern day, the centrally located GUM shopping Centre, is one of the largest department stores in Russia offering world famous brands and fantastic foods. Whatever your reason for wanting to visit, the red square is a site that truly embodies Russian culture, making it an excellent starting point for any adventure in Moscow.


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  1. Such a good legend, even if it isn’t true it adds to the intrigue of the place 😍 you have to take me one day!

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