Waking Up In India


India is a country that screams PAY ATTENTION TO ME; Colours are brighter, food has more flavour and life is just more apparent. Arriving in India felt like I had woken from a deep sleep, and wow, was it a nice place to wake up.

I started thinking more about life and taking things for granted. No matter how wonderful your destination, something will always go wrong. The weather may be too hot, you might not like that giant bug in your room, you may even stub your toe on a rock and briefly forget you’re on a beach with the sun setting…but I guess when you embrace this it can become part of the experience. It may even become your go-to story.

Spice farm 2018


4 thoughts on “Waking Up In India

  1. Great pix. You are braver than us. India was once on our travel lists, but, as one ages, it just gets more difficult to tolerate the heat and crowds. Tried the like button on your site, but it does not permit likes unless you are on Facebook. You might want to amend that so non Facebook viewers can “like”.

    1. Thanks Allan! I understand, it can get incredibly busy and hot. Although, Goa is quite different from the majority of India, so maybe you could start there? I’m quite new to WordPress, so am still tweaking a few things! I’ll try and work out how to change it today!

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