Why change is a good thing in your early twenties


I’ve always been in two mind sets about change. A part of me loves the prospect of new possibilities because it can bring adventure. However, I’ve always had that voice in my head screaming to stay in one place. This part of me is more cautious and hates anything out of the ordinary. After all, change isn’t a comfortable thing and isn’t always a choice. Sometimes, it’s a battle between what we think is safe and what we think is a risk worth taking. “My mind is taking me places my feet don’t want to go” is an expression my mother uses whenever she chooses to do anything out of her comfort zone. Whilst comfort is a wonderful, safe and secure thing, it can be what is holding you back. I’ve come to realise my own personal growth and development have all hinged on pushing past these fears and making positive changes. Therefore, here are some of the reasons I think change is good in your early twenties.

Through change, we can reinvent ourselves

Remember being a child and constantly changing your favourite hobbies and activities? Remember having that favourite book or TV show, basing your whole persona around it and changing it 2 weeks later? I remember making my parents put up Barbie wallpaper before rapidly announcing I liked Bratz instead. Maybe they didn’t appreciate that move, but these were the times we were figuring out what we liked and what we didn’t. If we had to experience stages to decide if we liked something or not, why aren’t we still doing this as adults? How are we going to know if we’ll like living in Paris if we’ve never tried living there? Your early twenties, or any time you’re free of responsibility should be an opportunity to grow and figure out what you like and what you can avoid. Reinvent yourself constantly, live in different environments, wear different clothes, try other foods and music. You might surprise yourself. Just because something is different, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it equally.

Change makes us more secure within ourselves

Maybe external factors will change around you, maybe you’ll move somewhere new or get a new partner. Maybe this change will be forced on you rapidly and you’ll be left reminiscing about the good old times. Maybe you’ll think your entire universe has been ripped apart. Here’s the thing, whatever happens, you are the only constant in your life. Whatever you decide to do, wherever you end up, you will always be you. When I realised this, I started to become more secure within myself. I gained confidence from my own ability to overcome and adapt to change. Through change, I discovered my own strength.  

Change helps us experience new things

There are so many things I would have missed out on if I’d stayed in my comfort zone. In the last 6 months, I’ve moved from a comfortable family home in the U.K. to a shared house in the middle of Melbourne and then a backpacker’s hostel on the Sunshine Coast. In every place I’ve been, I’ve managed to find security and friendship, making it difficult to leave. However, I have never regretted moving. If I hadn’t moved to Melbourne, I might not have discovered my love of blues bars and good coffee. If I hadn’t moved to the sunshine coast, I never would have climbed mount Ngungun and watched the sunset over the valley. It’s always a risk when you choose to move, but it’s a wonderful way of finding things you never knew you wanted.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity for change, take it. Change is always a risk, and sometimes it won’t work out, but you will learn and grow from it. Your early twenties or really any time you have the freedom and opportunity, take the chance. You might find everything you’ve been looking for.


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